XBee Firmware Library  1.6.0
Data Fields

Data Fields

wpan_address_t address
 IEEE/MAC and network addresses. More...
wpan_endpoint_get_next_fn endpoint_get_next
 walk endpoint table More...
wpan_endpoint_send_fn endpoint_send
 send frame to an endpoint More...
const wpan_endpoint_table_entry_tendpoint_table
uint16_t flags
uint16_t payload
 max bytes in RF payload, need to refresh if encryption enabled/disabled More...
wpan_tick_fn tick
 read and dispatch frames More...

Detailed Description

Structure used by the WPAN/ZigBee layers. Contains information about the node (addresses, payload limit, capabilities) along with an endpoint list and function pointers to configure, tick and send packets through the underlying network interface.

This is the abstraction layer between a physical XBee (or some other piece of hardware or gateway/router/tunnel device) and the networking layers. Similar to a driver for an Ethernet NIC and the TCP/IP stack that runs on top of it.