XBee Firmware Library  1.6.0
Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
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 Cwpan_cluster_table_entry_tInformation on each cluster associated with an endpoint
 Cwpan_conversation_tUsed to track conversations (outstanding requests) on an endpoint
 Cwpan_endpoint_table_entry_tInformation on each endpoint on this device
 Cxbee_atcmd_reg_tEntry for table of XBee registers to query at startup
 Cxbee_command_list_context_tContext data passed to command list processor
 CrxBuffer and state variables used for receiving a frame
 Cxbee_frame_at_responseUseful typedef for casting either a local or remote response frame
 Cxbee_header_at_requestUseful typedef to create either a local or remote request frame
 Cxbee_node_id_tParsed Node ID in host-byte-order and fixed length fields
 Cxbee_ota_tStructure for tracking state of over-the-air update
 Czcl40_t40-bit unsigned in host-byte-order
 Czcl48_t48-bit unsigned in host-byte-order
 Czcl_basic_dev_infoGlobal used to hold values referenced by zcl_basic_attributes[]